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Cape Cod Seafood Fried Clams

For ten years, the Gianettos Family operated the Kream n’ Kone Restaurant in Chatham, MA. They made Kream n’ Kone famous for fried clams and great seafood at affordable prices. Now they have opened their new restaurant Cape Seafood in West Yarmouth.   John and Jenny Gianettos have acquired the landmark Golden Boy Restaurant on Route 28 in West Yarmouth, MA. They renamed it “Cape Seafood” and are now open for the 2014 season

The Golden Boy Restaurant was founded in 1976. For 33 years Golden Boy enjoyed an impeccable world-wide reputation for the best fresh  fried clams and fried and broiled seafood plates until the original owner retired in 2008. Over the following 4 years it came under several different owners Golden Boy’s reputation lost some of its shine. That is until NOW!

Cape Seafood Restaurant Dining Room, Cape Cod, MA

In the spring of 2013, the Gianettos Family purchased the Golden Boy Restaurant and renamed it Cape Seafood! Based on their 25 years of successful restaurant experience, they knew they needed to draw a line between the old and the new.  The new is actually a return to the vision of the original owner. That is to provide the freshest and highest quality fried and broiled seafood available anywhere . . . period!  They are well positioned to do just that.

The Gianettos Family owned and operated the famous Kream n’ Kone Restaurant in Chatham, MA for 10 years.  Under their management Kream n’ Kone became known for some of the best fried clams and seafood around as was the original Golden Boy. Buying the Golden Boy allows the Gianettos to combine the best of the original Golden Boy with the best of what made their Kream n’ Kone so popular in their new Cape Seafood Restaurant.  The Cape Seafood legend begins now!

Cape Seafood Scallop Plate West Yarmouth, MA

Cape Cod Seafood Scallop Plates

Our Restaurant’s super fresh seafood is delivered to daily. It  is so fresh, it practically goes from the ocean to your plate in hours. Broiled or fried, you will love our seafood and marvel at the size of our portions of fried clams, fried oysters, shrimp, scallops, or calamari and of course our famous Fisherman’s Plate which has been called a “Mountain of Seafood!

Try our our broiled shrimp and scallops or swordfish and salmon grilled over an open flame!  Cape Seafood aims to set the standard for the best seafood on Cape Cod.  Visit us at Cape Seafood Restaurant and claim your own piece of our ever growing Cape Cod seafood dining legend!

If you are a landlubber and not so big on the fruits of the ocean, you will enjoy our tasty selection of  Broiled or Fried Chicken Dinners and Sandwiches, Buffalo  Wings, Flame Broiled Black Angus Hamburgers and more.  We are told that our Black Angus char-broiled hamburgers and cheeseburgers are the best to be found anywhere. Try them for yourself – Tasting is believing! Don’t forget to order a glass of wine, a beer, a soft drink or a cool Frappe (milk shake with ice cream if you are not from Massachusetts) with your meal.

We constantly monitor the quality of our seafood and other products to insure only the absolute highest quality and freshest seafood enters our doors. Year after year, we have received the coveted A+ rating for our 100% super clean facilities. John and Jenny Gianettos personally train our seafood chef’s to our discriminating high standards.  For consistent quality – we simply can’t be beat!  Our staff is friendly and dedicated to delivering the great quality that has defined our world-wide reputation which we will continue to build on with our new Cape Seafood Restaurant!!